This is a branded weight loss marathon from TGYM.
For 21 days, thanks to unique training programs, 
a well-thought-out plan of proper nutrition
with dietary energy supply, individual recommendations,
corrections and our author's management,
a group of losing weight participants fights
for the figure of their dreams and impressive cash prizes.

FEDORISHCHEV - are the founders  
and presenters of the largest 
fitness project TGYM.

8 years of work, tens of thousands of subscribers
who have achieved results,
a complete guide to achieve any goal.

Achieve more with TGYM!

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  • Menu plan with dietary energy supply:
    classic and vegetarian 
  • Workout plan: at home and in the gym 
  • Lectures and articles
  • Marathon checklist
  • Personal recommendations
  • Telegram chat 
  • Telegram channel with every-day motivation  from Tanya
  • Cash prizes


(2200 rubles, 29$, 24€)

*The number of participants is limited


  • Menu plan with dietary energy supply:
    classic and vegetarian 
  • Workout plan: at home and in the gym 
  • Part of lectures and articles
  • Marathon checklist
  • Telegram channel with every-day motivation  from Tanya
  • Cash prizes


(1100 rubles, 15$, 12€)

*The number of participants is limited

  • Choose the suitable 
    participation package for you
  • Pay for participation 
    for 3 weeks in a convenient 
    way for you
  • Receive an email  
    with detailed information about participation,a link to the Telegram chat  (Gold package) and a password to log in to your
    personal account
  • Start changing your 

You can purchase  


What is the menu in the marathon?

In our marathon, we offer two types of menu: classic menu (white and red meat, fish, eggs, milk) and vegetarian (Products made off animal protein are eggs and dairy products only). You will be able to choose the most suitable one for you. For each week, there is a list of products with replacements if necessary. In the Telegram chat (GOLD), we will always help you adjust the food according to your taste preferences. When filling out the questionnaire, according to your data, the appropriate caloric content of the diet will be offered to achieve the best result. Each meal and diet for the day will have a dietary energy supply, as well as a clear weight of each product. We did our best to make the most diverse and budget-friendly diet with not banal recipes! No boiled fillet with buckwheat! THE MENU is ALWAYS NEW for each marathon admission!

How will the home workout take place?

At home training, you will find a program of 9 training sessions for 30-40min. Each workout is different from the other: TABATA, HIIT training, workouts with an emphasis on the buttocks, abs and upper body. A warm-up and a cooldown are included in every workout. Workouts are held in the format of "repeat after me" and live voice acting, which you can do at a convenient time for you. A pair of dumbbells (2-3kg each) and an elastic band are necessary if you have trained before, but you will always be offered replacements for exercises of different degrees of applied force. If you have participated in previous marathons, you can complicate the workout by trying more complex exercise options

How will the gym workout take place? 

For training in the gym, we will offer you programs for 3 levels of training: beginners, intermediate, high level. The gym machines that are used in the program are standard for any gym: a bench press, a power frame with a grip, a Smith machine, etc. Depending on the force level, you will have 3-4 workouts per week for an hour. The principle of the training program is circular and split (high level). The exercises will be in the form of short videos with a demonstration of the technique and a detailed description, as well as possible mistakes. We will prescribe the required number of repetitions, sets, rest time and give tips on how to choose the weight. Using the mobile app, it will be convenient to watch the program right in the gym. If you have participated in past marathons by following a gym workout plan, you can complicate the program by trying a higher level of training.

Which training plan is better?  

Gym workouts and home workouts are different from each other, but either of these formats is very effective and will help you achieve your goal. If you are new to fitness and have never been to the gym, if you are not familiar with the technique of performing exercises on gym machines, or you do not have the opportunity to visit the gym 3-4 times a week - give preference to home workout. If you already regularly go to the gym, work confidently on gym machines, with free weights - you can choose a program in the gym. Try to assess the level of your training reasonably.

Who cannot participate in the marathon?

We cannot take you to the marathon if you have serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. The marathon is only for those who have a goal to lose weight or tone their muscles (not weight gain).

For what time is the information from the marathon available?

Access to your personal account with all the information (menu, training, articles and lectures) is given for the duration of the marathon for 21 days (3 weeks). At the end of the marathon, access to your personal account will be closed.

How will the winners be determined?

We personally, Tanya and Dima Fedorishchev - the presenters of the marathon, based on our experience, will determine 5 winners from the participants of the Gold and Silver packages. We will pay attention to visual changes in the quality of your body (how the volume has gone, the skin has tightened, the cellulitis has gone)

How to pay if I live in ...

When choosing a package, we will offer convenient payment methods around the world. If you have any difficulties, write to Support.

I didn't make it! Can apply for the next one?

After closing the sales for the current marathon, you can submit an application to participate in the next one. To do this, click the "Apply" button next to the package you want to purchase and we will remind you about the start of sales. The marathon admissions are held every month. At the end of the admission, the date of the next one will appear on the site.

I have paid. What's next?

You will receive an email with further actions to the email address that you specified during the payment. Check the folders "Spam", "Promotions", "Alerts".

I did not receive an email after the payment. What should I do?

Check if the memory on the mail is not occupied. Clear it so that we can deliver the message. Write to technical support at the bottom of the site.